Upload Schedule

Hey everyone. I actually want to start putting up videos and more blog post so I am creating a schedule for me to follow this year that going to sort of change every month. I am not sure when I will start to create videos but for sure a more organize schedule for my blog post.

Month of April

Every Tuesday and Thursday: LTA KPOP Episode or MV/Drama Review

Every Saturday or Sunday: Song of the Week [SOTW]

Twice a Month: Introducing A Star [IAS] and KPOP Timeline [KTL]

** If I miss the day that I am suppose to post something, I will do an extra post of a LTA KPOP episode. For example, I miss a Wednesday blog post, then I will post two LTA KPOP episode. If I miss a Friday of Drama/Movie Review post, I will post a Drama/Movie Review post and a LTA KPOP episode. 

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