Currently Watching

This is the list of my currently watching dramas (Korean, Thai. Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese etc.) 

Currently Watching:

Lovers in Bloom | Princess Hours (Thai Version) |

Running Man | Infinite Challenge | 2 Days 1 Night | The Return of Superman

I Can See Your Voice Season 4

Started but STOP!:

  Legend of the Blue Sea | Our Gab Soon | My Fair Lady 2016 (Oh My Geum Bi)

Kill, Me, Heal Me | My Wife is Having an Affair | Shopping King Louie | Please Come Back Mister

Moonlight Drawn by Clouds | Let's Eat | The K2 | Uncontrollably Fond | Beautiful Gong Shim

Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People | Defendant | Super Family 2017 | Radiant Office

Haven't Start Yet/Want To Watch:

  Remember | Let's Eat 2 |Sweet Stranger and Me | So I Married An Anti-Fan | Jealousy Incarnate

Constellation Women Series | Pride and Prejudice | Blood | Heard It Through The Grapevine

Gangnam Blues | What Happens To My Family? | Twenty Again | Divorce Lawyers In Love

The Scholar Who Walks The Night | Six Flying Dragons | Signal | Daebak

What Happen to My Family? | Angry Mom | Sweet Savage Family | Bubblegum | Missing 9

Waiting to Aired: 

 Tomorrow With You | My Sassy Girl |  Defendant | Winter Sonata 2

The King is in Love | While You Were Asleep | Ruler: Master of the Mask

Recently Finish: 

Hyung | Pure Love | I Order You | Thumping Spike | Thumping Spike 2 | Goblin

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Buk Joo | Scarlet Heart: Ryeo | Go Ho's Starry Night | Let's Drink

Cinderella and the Four Knights | Let's Fight Ghost | Age of Youth | Touching You

Doctor Crush | Another Oh Hae Young | The Entertainer | Five Children | Seven First Kiss

The Gentlemen of Wolgyesu Tailor Shop | Hwarang | My Shy Boss | The Sound of Your Heart

Hyde, Jekyll, and I | Strong Woman Do Bong Soo | The Liar and His Lover

Note: I am currently watching some of the drama, while some are on the waiting list for me to watch. Some of the other drama, I am currently not watching it although I started it already due to the drama not being interesting or I just want to wait till it finish airing and do a marathon of the series. 

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