Friday, January 29, 2016

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by Other Agencies Part 2

This week I continued the second part of the 2015 hits songs release by other agencies from the big 3 companies. So we are just going to continue from last week starting right now. 

I'm going to start off with Woollim Entertainment the home of Infinite, Lovelyz and JOO, the newest addition to the family. All the group mates have had a great year in 2015 and I wish for more success in 2016 too.

First we see Infinite H, the sub group of Infinite with Hoya and Dongwoo with their comeback song 'Pretty', which I love so much in 2015. And then Infinite came back during the summer with 'Bad'. 

Infinite H - Pretty

Infinite - Bad

Thursday, January 28, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 95: Top 25 KPOP Rappers (Mid 2015 Edition)

In today LTA KPOP episode, I have my top 25 KPOP idol rappers both male and female mix up together. I recent got into rap because some of my favorite members from different groups are majority of the time rappers or vocalists. But I also love other rappers too.

Since this list was create during the summer of 2015, a lot of the rookie groups aren't on the list. But special mentions would be iKon, Monsta X and Seventeen. 

So let get start right away!

25. VIXX Ravi | 24. Rainbow Woori

(Search under Google, provided by and

23. Red Velvet Irene | 22. B1A4 Baro

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Monday, January 25, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 94: Top 25 KPOP Visuals (Mid 2015 Edition)

By mid year of 2015, I made a list of my top KPOP idols leaders, visuals, maknae etc. But I never got to put them up, because I am became lazy and I didn't post anything at all. So therefore, I am going to put them up now, because it took a long time to actually search the (official) KPOP visuals, leaders etc up. 

So instead of complaining, let just get started shall we. 

25. Wonder Girls Sohee* | 24. Big Bang TOP 

(Search under Google, provided by and

23. JYJ Yoochun | 22. TARA Ji Yeon

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Friday, January 22, 2016

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by Other Agencies Part 1

Today, I bring you the 2015 Hit Songs Releases by Other Agencies, not SM, JYP or YG. There is a lot of other agencies but I pick some of my favorite release of 2015 along with agencies/entertainment that I know. This is the first part and the second part will come next week. 

Let started off with TS Entertainment. TS Entertainment is the home of Secret, Untouchable, BAP and Sonamoo. Although BAP and Sonamoo did promote in 2015, I didn't really like their songs that much, and so the only hits is really from Untouchable's Sleepy. 

Sleepy ft. Song Ji Eun of Secret - Cool Night

Sleepy ft. Baek Ah Yeon - Kibuntat 

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 93: Top 5 Uee-Acting Drama/Movie

In today LTA KPOP episode, we are talking about Uee of After School. Uee debuted in 2009 with After School and still a currently a member of After School. She active as an idol, singer, dancer, but also as an actress too. 

 (Search under Google, provided by

As an actress, she been in of drama either, playing the main role, a small role, or even just a cameo appearance. I'm here to tell you my to 5 drama/movie Uee have stared in. Starting in fifth place we have...

5. Hogu's Love
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Monday, January 18, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 92: Top 5 APINK-Acting Drama/Movie

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APink debuted as a 7-member group in 2011 and in 2013, one of the member left to focus on her studies leaving the group to be a 6-member group. The girls receive lots of love for their songs but also their acting too. 

I am bringing you my top 5 favorite APINK member acting drama/movie. And majority of them are one member, but let not forget the other members too. I will be adding the special honor mentions too. 

5. Eunji - That Winter, The Wind Blows
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Saturday, January 16, 2016

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release By YG

In this week SOTW, we are talking about the hit song release by YG. Honestly, I haven't been up to date with everyone from YG therefore, this week the blog is short. 

Let start off with PSY! I haven't seen or heard his new song, but I think we can listen to it together and get a good first reaction from me.

PSY - Daddy

Friday, January 15, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 91: Top 10 KPOP Duets (2015 Edition)

KPOP Duets are some of my favorite songs to listen to. There are so many, but in this LTA KPOP episodes I am going to list my top 10 favorite KPOP duets along with a bonus duet and some special honor mention too. 

Let start at number 10 shall we....

10. Jessica (SNSD) & SHINee Onew - One Year Later

LTA KPOP EP 90: Top 5 f(x)-Acting Drama/Movie

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f(x) was a five-member girl group debuted under SM Entertainment in 2009 with Victoria, Amber, Luna, Sulli and Krystal. In 2015, f(x) became a four-member group after Sulli depart from the group to focus on her acting career. 

[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release by JYP

On SONG OF THE WEEK, we are talking about the 2015 hits of JYP. 

Last week we talk about the 2015 hits of SM, so similar to last week, this week we are talking about JYP. Listening some of the songs release by JYP artists, I'm going to pick my favorites. 

When talking about JYP Entertainment, we can't talk about JYP himself, correct!?

JYP - Who's Your Mama?

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 89: Top 10 Drama Release in 2014

In today LTA KPOP episode, I'm bringing you my top 10 drama release in 2014. Although, 2014 have just been 2 years ago and I haven't seen all the drama release in 2014 yet, this is my current list of favorites release in 2014. Let's get started shall we! 

10. My Lovely Girl
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Monday, January 4, 2016

LTA KPOP EP 88: Top 10 Drama Release of 2013

Yes, you guess right, today LTA KPOP episode is the top 10 drama release of 2013 with special Honor Mentions too. 

Let get started! 

10. Lee Soon Shin is the Best
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[SOTW] 2015 Hits Songs Release By SM

Let start the new year with a bang, with the very first SONG OF THE WEEK this year. 

The next following week are going to be hits of 2015 for me from SM, JYP, YG, and other agencies. This week I'm bring you the hits of SM. 

Let start with some SNSD songs, because as a SONE<3, you have to repeat SNSD songs, back to back at least last year, correct? 

SNSD TTS - Dear Santa

There is a Korean version and an English version, but I prefer the Korean version more, even if the English one is more easily to remember sing along too. 

Although Christmas have past, it was a great song to listen to even if Christmas is over, but it is okay, because next year, it going to be on the listen too. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year! 

I want to first of all thank you, everyone. Although I don't think I did better than before when I first started, I think I learn a lot this year. I did really well the first half of the year, but I fail misery the second half of the year. But I promise to improve and put up a lot more contents for you guys. 

I want to start promoting my blog more and get started with my channel. I haven't exactly found want I want to do mostly, but I have a general idea of things relating to KPOP, of course, it have to be the main thing too. With KPOP as a general idea, I can continuing do what I do here on my blog, with LTA KPOP episodes and reviews too. I also would love to do hauls and reviews for anything basically like beauty products or clothes too.  

On my personal blog page, where I post personal post and non-KPOP post, I post up my new year resolution for 2015 and I would like to go over them. 
Here is the link to the post: New Year Resolution 2015

Note: I just notice that the New Year Resolution post was from 2014 because I didn't upload anything in 2015 on my personal blog page at all. But still, my resolution from 2014 were the same for 2015 and therefore, it sort of work out. Plus the new resolution for 2016 will be very similar too. 

1.) Going to the GYM and EXERCISE more often 
Honestly, I did go to the gym but I fail this misery because I honestly didn't feel like it most of the time. After class end, I either off to work or home and I'm usually tired too. But this is something I will put on my new resolution 2016 for sure.

2.) Saving $100+ each month
Okay, this is also another fail. I wanted to start saving for a trip to South Korea in the next couple of years but this year been so hectic with spending money on important things like fixing cars, books, since my FA came super duper late this past semester. But also for gifts for family. This is also something that would be moving to my new resolution 2016 too. 

3.) Blog more often, At least everyday
Instead of everyday, I started a schedule with information on what I was going to upload for this KPOP blog but I want to also start blogging more often on my personal blog page too, with other non-KPOP ideas too. This is also something that I am going to put on my new resolution 2016 too, but also focusing on my personal blog too. 

4.) Get my License and Drive
At least, I succeed this one, and the last on my new year resolution 2015 too. I got my license during the summer, go I been driving for a good 5 to 7 months at max. 

This year have been hectic but tons of great memories, I meet tons of great people including cousins I have never meet before and became good (or at least so) friends with. Try new things that I might want to forget and some don't but it was a beautiful year to turn 20 too. 

My New Year Resolution 2016 would be up on my personal blog. Thanks.