Saturday, June 22, 2013

100 KPOP Questons (2)

So I answer another 100 questions related to KPOP! Get to know me a little bit better.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

100 KPOP Questions (1)

Answer 100 questions all for you guys. I hope you enjoy and I hope you would answer some of these questions too.

Which EXO member is similar to you?

Have you ever wonder which EXO member is similar to you? I mean I have. Seriously and since I have a bias in this group makes it harder because you so want to be similar to your bias but sometimes you aren't. Well why don't you check out who I am similar to below and you try it out too. Then tell me who you are similar too. Thanks.

[Korean] High School Musical on Musical[Stage]

So the popular High School Musical movie is hitting Korean's Stage. They are changing the movie into a musical with great amazing idols and actors/actress. I would love to see this musical but check out who playing which role.


So summer time finally hit, that means more time for watching K-dramas. This summer I will be watching a lot of dramas so tell me some of your favorites.

These are the one I am currently watching:
Dating Agency: Cyrano
Nail Shop Paris
You're The Best Lee Soon Shin 
I Hear Your Voice

These are the ones I want to watch next:
When A Man Loves
Can We Get Married?

Tell me if you want a review on these dramas or tell me a drama you think I would love to watch. 

MV Reviews

I haven't done these in a long time so I decide to post or do some review and just make one post. A super long post, how about that. I know it been crazy since I haven't been posting up a lot but now it summer. I will try to do some reviews of some music video or song that I remember. Let me know below which one should I review next. Well....Let's get started.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Hello JUNE :D

So May just passed and June is here. Sorry Again! May was a hard year for basically anyone who goes to school but this was my senior year and since so finals was hard. It okay! It's all finally over! Summer is here, but before that graduation is coming in like 3 days only. OMG!

School have been crazy this year! I been super bum out this year but I finally end high school with a big BAM! HAHA!

A lot of things coming soon! Graduation pictures will be post up soon! No Worries! [On my personal blog!]

A lot of things will be post up soon too!