Tuesday, May 14, 2013

May Day!


Minhae! Sorry! SORRY!

I seriously am sorry. I have been super busy and I am down to 17 days of school left until graduation and testing just finish. From AP testing to finals that are coming soon, I have been just busy! I hope you have a great 14 days of May so far and a great Mother's Day too.

I would try to keep this page updated on everything too! Thanks you guys!


LTA KPOP EP 20 - Top 20 Episode of Running Man :)

LTA KPOP EP 20 - Top 20 Episode of Running Man:)

I am a big fan of Running Man! I love this show, I mean a lot. I am going to show and tell you my favorite episode up to episode 138 (which is part of the faves) since that was the episode I watch before I created this list. I love majority of the episodes, but these are the ones that I could watch over and over again and plus it gives me a good laugh too. You should definitely check it out, and if you already have seen them tell me what you think about the episodes or tell me your favorite episode too.

[Notes: The ones that are highlighted  are the ones that won that episode.]

So let's start off with the one I just finish watching when I wrote this:

EP 138
Guests: Kim Sooro, Kim Woobin, Lee Jonghyun, Lee Jongsuk, Min Hyorin
Athletics Department vs. Theatre Department
Kim Jong Kook & Gary & HaHa & Ji Sukjin & Lee Kwangsoo & Song Jihyo vs. Yoo Jaesuk & Kim Sooro & Kim Woobin & Lee Jonghyun & Lee Jongsuk & Min Hyorin
Gain control of the school flag

EP 135
Guests: Jackie Chan; Choi Siwon
Blue Team vs. Red Team vs. Green Team
Jackie Chen & Song Jihyo & Yoo Jaesuk vs. Choi Siwon & Gary & Kim Jongkook vs. HaHa & Ji Sukjin & Lee Kwangsoo
Throw a dart into the golden zone

EP 4-5
Guests: SNSD Jessica; 2PM Nichkhun; Song Jihyo
Adult Team vs. Child Team
Yoo Jaesuk & Ji Sukjin & Lee Kwangsoo & Song Jihyo & Nichkhun vs. Kim Jong Kook & Gary & HaHa & Song Joong Ki & Jessica
Find the Golden Pigs with money

EP 27
Guests: DBSK Changmin; DBSK Yunho
Find the Guests: Mission Team [DBSK]; Chasing Team [Running Man]
Drawing Relay: Jaesuk Team [Yoo Jaesuk, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwangsoo, Song Joong Ki, Changmin] vs. Joog Kook Team [Kim Jong Kook, Gary, HaHa, Song Ji Hyo, Yunho]
Earn the Running Balls

EP 39
Guests: SNSD Sunny; SNSD Yoona
Catch the Running Man: Mission Team [Running Man]; Chasing Team [SNSD]
The best Late-Night Snack is: Yoona Team [Yoona, HaHa, Yoo Jaesuk] vs. Jihyo Team [Song Jihyo; Gary; Kim Jong Kook] vs. Sunny Team [Sunny; Ji Sukjin; Lee Kwangsoo; Song Joong Ki]
Earn the Running Balls

EP 40
Guests: 2PM Nichkhun; 2PM Taecyeon
Catch the Running Man: Mission Team [Running Man]; Chasing Team [2PM]
Running Man Virus: Yoo Maestro Team [Yoo Jae Suk; HaHa; Ji Sukjin; Song Joong Ki; Taecyeon] vs. Kook Maestro Team [Kim Jong Kook; Gary; Lee Kwang Soo; Song Ji Hyo; Nichkhun]
Earn the Running Balls

EP 55
Guests: Tara Jiyeon; F(x) Luna; F(x) Sulli; Miss A Suzy
Partners Race: Yoo Jaesuk & Sulli vs. Gary/Ji Sukjin & Song Ji Hyo; HaHa & Suzy; Kim Jong Kook & Jiyeon; Lee Kwang Soo & Luna
Horrific Partners Hide and Seek: Mission Team [Couples]; Chasing Team [Gary]
Defeat the other teams

EP 60
No Guests!
Mission Team [Running Man] vs. Chasing Team [Gary]
Fool Gary until the end of the recording

EP 63-64
Guests: SNSD Hyoyeon; SNSD Jessica; SNSD Seohyun; SNSD Taeyeon; SNSD Yoona; SNSD Yuri
Green Team [Yoo Jaesuk & Yoona; Lee Kwang Soo & Yuri] vs. Pink Team [Gary & Jessica; Ji Sukjin & Hyoyeon] vs. Blue Team [HaHa & Taeyeon; Kim Jong Kook & Seohyun]
Complete the mission given by the production staff
Dinner Race: Boy’s Generation Team [Running Man w/ Jessica] vs. Girls’ Generation Team [SNSD w/ HaHa]
Horrific Couple Hide and Seek: Mission Team [Gary & Yoona; HaHa & Jessica; Ji Sukjin & Hyoyeon; Kim Jong Kook & Taeyeon; & Lee Kwang Soo & Yuri] vs. Chasing Team [Yoo Jae Suk & Seohyun]
Defeat the other teams

EP 87
Guest: Han Ga In
The Moon That Pierces The Sun: Blue Team [Yoo Jaesuk & Lee Kwang Soo & Gary & Han Ga In] vs. Red Team [HaHa; Ji Sukjin & Kim Jong Kook & Song Jihyo]
Find Han Gain’s First Love: Mission Team [HaHa & Han Ga In] vs. Chasing Team [Running Man]
Defeat the other teams

EP 93-94
Guests: Kara Seungyeon; 4Minute Hyuna; F(x) Krystal; Kara Gyuri; Miss A Suzy
No Teams; Defeat the other members; Kim Jong Kook Wins
Couples: Yoo Jae Suk & Seungyeon; Gary & Krystal; HaHa & Suzy; Kim Jong Kook & Hyuna; Lee Kwang Soo & Gyuri; Ji Sukjin & Song Ji Hyo
Defeat the other teams

EP 104
Guests: Super Junior Eunhyuk; Tara Eunjung; CNBlue; Yonghwa; MBLAQ Lee Joon; 2PM Nichkhun; ZE:A Siwan; Beast Doo Joon
Running Team vs. Idol Team
Defeat the other team

EP 114-115
Guests: Moon Geunyoung; DBSK Changmin; DBSK Yunhoo
Running Man Team vs. X-Man [Yoo Jae Suk]
Find the X-Man
Bells Race: Yoo Jae Suk & Yunho; Kim Jong Kook & Moon Geunyoung; HaHa & Changmin; Gary & Song Jihyo; Ji Sukjin & Lee Kwangsoo
Bells Hide and Seek: Defense Team [Yoo Jae Suk & Ji suk Jin & Lee Kwang Soo & Song Jihyo & Yunho] vs. Offense Team [HaHa & Kim Jong Kook & Changmin & Moon Geunyoung]
Defeat the other team

EP 127
Guests: Choi Jiwoo; CNBlue Yonghwa; Beast Kikwang; CNBlue Jonghyun; Supreme Team Simon
Jiwoo Team: [Choi Jiwoon; HaHa; Ji Sukjin; Kim Jong Kook; Lee Kwangsoo; Yoo Jaesuk] vs. Jihyo Team [Song Jihyo; Gary; Simon; Yonghwa; Kikwang; Jonghyun]
Eliminate and Protect the Snake

EP 80
Guests: Go Ara; Tara Hyomin; Im Soohyang
Couples: Yoo Jaesuk & Im Soohyang; Gary & Hyomin; HaHa & Song Jihyo; Kim Jong Kook & Go Ara; Lee Kwang Soo & Ji Suk Jin
Mission Team [Girls] vs. Chasing Team [Boys]
Defeat the other team

EP 2-3
Guests: Kara Hara; Lee Chun Hee; Song Jihyo
Away Team [Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, Ha Ha, Lee Kwangsoo, Song Jihyo] vs. Home Team [Ji Sukjin, Kim Jong Kook, Song Joong Ki, Lee Chun Hee, Hara]
Find the golden Pigs with money

EP 50-51
Guests: Kim Min Jung; 2PM Nichkhun
Min Jung Team [Kim Min Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Yoo Jae Suk] vs. Jihyo Team [Song Jihyo, Gary, HaHa] Nichkhun Team [Nichkhun, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwang Soo]
Earn More Money
Mission Team [Kim Jong Kook] vs. Chasing Team [Yoo Jae Suk, Gary, HaHa, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwangsoo, Song Jihyo, Kim Min Jung, Nichkhun]
Find the culprit

EP 129
Guests: CNBlue Yonghwa; ZE:A Kwanghee; Infinite L; CNBlue Jonghyun; MBLAQ Lee Joon; SHINee Minho; F(x) Sulli
Running Man Team vs. Idol Team
Defeat the other team

EP 84-85
Guests: Big Bang
Running Man Team vs. Big Bang Team
Defeat the other team

EP 7
Guests: Tara Eunjung; CNBlue Yonghwa; 2AM Jo Kwon
Blue Team [Yoo Jae Suk, Ji Sukjin, Lee Kwang Soo, Song Ji Hyo, Jo Kwon, Yonghwa] vs. Red Team [Kim Jong Kook, Gary, HaHa, Song Joong Ki, Eunjung]
Earn the Running Balls

KPOP Song Shuffle

How to play
- Put your Itunes, Windows Media Player, etc on shuffle
- For each question, press the next button
- Choose your favorite song at the moment, then click next. Start!

Part 1:
1. What is your life’s theme song?
Pretty Boy - Juniel 
2. What will your boyfriend dedicate to you?
AH! - After School
3. What is your wedding song?
Take Me To The Place - After School Bekah
4. What is your favorite song?
Time Machine - SNSD
5. How do you feel about school?
History- EXO
6. What will play at your funeral?
I Don't Need A Man - Miss A
7. What is your biggest secret?
Sorry Sorry - Super Junior
8. What is your greatest fear?
Mona Lisa - MBLAQ
9. Does the person you like also like you back?
Can't Let You Go Even If I Die - 2AM
10. What will you sing for a kpop audition?
Flashback - After School
11. What describes your enemy?
Ice Cream - Joo ft. Super Junior Leeteuk
12. What describes your math teacher?
Alone - SISTAR 
13. What song do you fall asleep to?
14. How do you feel right now?
My My - A Pink
15. How do you feel about KPOP?
Sorry But I - CREAL
Part 2:
1. Who is your best friend? (leader) 
Hyorin - SISTAR
2. Who is your boyfriend/girlfriend? (maknae)
Sung Jae - BTOB
3. Who is your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend? (first person who sings/raps) 
1Kyne - ElectroboyZ
4. Best singer in Kpop? (choose who) 
Sunye - Wonder Girls
5. Who will ruin your wedding?(main dancer) 
Bomi - A Pink
6. Best dancer in Kpop? (you choose) 
Jungah - After School
7. Who is secretly dating Gdragon? (maknae) 
Yeonkyung - The Seeya
8. Who is secretly dating Yoona? (leader of the group)
9. Who is secretly dating Suzy? (main dancer) 
10. Who do you really admire? (lead dancer) 
Taeyang - Big Bang

Now it your turn. Let me know in the comment section. Thanks<3