Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Favorites:)

The song that I have been replaying throughout this month, even though it was release last year. I barely found it this month which is BoA ft. Henry and Key - One Dream. I have been listening to this song, and I just love it. Just keep on repeating it throughout the whole entire day. 

There wasn't any really good drama to watch is month at all, but I have been loving A Hundred
Year's Inheritances a lot this month. It just gotten better this past few episode.

Variety Show:
I have been loving Running Man:) I been this month the latest episode were very funny and great to watch. I just watch like 4 new episode that I have miss in like less then 1 day:) HAHA XD Addicting it is? The episode I have been loving is:

EP 137 - Guests: After School UEE and Noh Sayeon
Where they have to defeat the other princess for the title? I mean it was a funny episode and I couldn't stop laughing at all.

EP 138 - Guests: CNBlue Jonghyun, Kim Woobin, Lee Jongsuk, Kim Sooro, and Min Hyorin
Where they were playing against each other for the best club of the running man school. I love this episode because I get to see Woobin and Jongsuk again from SCHOOL 2013! It was a great episode to watch. 

EP 135 - Guests: Super Junior Siwon and Jackie Chen
I mean Jackie Chen was on this show. GOSH I was so happy and grateful to see him, I mean it been years seeing him and watching his movies and he appear on a KOREAN show. I couldn't stop laughing when he communicates with the members of the show. 

Saturday, March 30, 2013


Well since, I have a page all about KPOP and Korean related. I wanted to do a page about another loves of mine which is Thai drama known as lakorns. More exact I love watching Thai, Taiwanese etc dramas too and I want to share them with you guys. So instead of creating another blog page for it, I decide to just combine it with my personal blog page to make it easier. It still involves my basic days and tags and reviews and so forth. HAHA XD

What I will be doing on the other page is? I will be doing drama and movies review that is not related to any KOREAN at all. For example Thai drama and Taiwanese drama because I love watch those drama too.  

You could check out my personal page by clicking on the link below:)

[Review] Flower Boy Next Door

A romantic comedy about a girl named Go Dok Mi who locks her self in her ′tower′ from the world, is caught spying on the man living next door by Enrique Geum.
Enrique Geum is a genius creative director, who is good-looking, stylish and bohemian and can′t get enough of soccer. He will form a love line with Go Dok Mi.
Go Dok Mi is a ′city Rapunzel′ who never ventures outdoors, yet has her own set of charms that makes men go weak.
Go Dok-mi (in Korean, literally "lonely beauty") is a shy, frugal freelance copy editor who, for a yet-to-be-revealed reason, refuses to leave her apartment or interact with people as much as possible. Everyday, she anonymously receives a carton of milk with a post-it attached. Everyday, using a pair of yellow binoculars, she steals peeks at her neighbor across the street, Han Tae-joon as he goes through his daily morning routine. The last time she was outside, in a park on an autumn day, she had fallen in love with Tae-joon at first sight, following him and watching as he picked up a puppy in a box and took it home. When she looked out her window and saw him living in the apartment opposite hers, she thought of it as fate. Webtoon artist Oh Jin-rak lives in the same apartment building as Dok-mi. He and his drawing partner Oh Dong-hoon have just finished their latest webtoon "Zombie Soccer," but it wasn't picked up because it supposedly plagiarized a video game by Enrique Geum. Jin-rak pitches a new story to persuade his editor-in-charge Kim Seul-gie: the everyday life of this one girl trapped in her apartment, and how her next-door neighbor draws her out into the world... and it'll be called "Flower Boy Next Door." Enrique Geum arrives in Seoul from Spain, his reason for coming is "cupid's arrow." Though he's in love with his best friend Yoon Seo-young, she has feelings instead for his older cousin, Han Tae-joon, so he intends to play cupid for the two. When Enrique comes to stay at Tae-joon's apartment, he catches Dok-mi in the act. That same day, a new neighbor Watanabe Ryu moves into the apartment next to Dok-mi's (Jin-rak lives on her other side). And with all these new men suddenly entering her life, Dok-mi's solitary and orderly world is turned upside down.
Rate: 4/10
I seriously thought that this drama would have been good but I stop in the second episode. I mean I would of gave it a chance but I just couldn’t. As the drama ended I finally just watch the last episode and that was it.
I seriously love Park Shin Hye but this drama didn’t catch my eye. I wish it would have but, I couldn’t that was it. It didn’t make me eager to keep on watching. 

[Review] School 2013

This series is an update to the famed 'School Series' which aired from 1999 to 2002.It will focus on portraying realistic issues, struggles and dilemmas of today’s youths.
Story about Seungri high, a troublesome school that houses students from the most eligible to the most problematic. 'School 2013' shows different life stories of teachers and students as they grow up through conflicts and compromises.
Rate: 10/10
From the beginning of this drama, it already captures you into it already. Without you knowing (just kidding) you really want to keep on watching and watching. I mean I didn’t even want this drama to end at all.
I mean at first it seem to be all about fighting and see who the best, but it gets even better when the friend transfer to the same school and you get all this tension between them. You don’t really know the reason why there is that tension but as the story process you finally get to know the truth. It a drama based on the problems and situation that the whole entire class is involved.
Each episode just keeping on giving you cliff hangers that you want to keep on watching. Lucky if you are watching it after it already aired, so you don’t have to wait. I mean I seriously waited to watch this drama every week because of all the cliff hangers. Also problems just keep on creating after one another and the class just has to help each other. This gives them a chance to build their trust and friendship. I want to have a close friendship with all the students in my classroom, I mean in America I have about 8 different classes to go each day, and majority of us don’t even know each other.
Talking about the teachers, I mean I wish I have a teacher like her. I mean that would make this world change somehow. I dream of becoming a teacher and I wish I could be like her one day. About the guy, I didn’t like him at first; I mean of course no one would right, but as the story process I gotten to like him more.
There was no love relationship between each other at all in this drama. I mean sometimes there is this scene where you think the feelings are going to come but no it doesn’t. But there is love relationship though. At the end you finally get to see the love relationship between the brotherhood and sisterhood of the main characters of this drama. Of course not the love relationship we all want but even better. I really wish that the teachers would have fallen for each other too. I mean they do make a good couple for the drama too.
This is definitely a good and best drama to watch, I mean I want another series because of this drama. This is the 5th series of this School drama but the other 4 are super old. Looking forward to the next series of the School dramas.

[Review] A Gentleman’s Dignity

A drama about the careers and love lives of urban professionals. It will tell the story of four men in their forties as they go through love, breakup, success and failure.
Kim Do Jin, an architect with a scathing tongue have romantic relationship with strict high school teacher Seo Yi Soo, who moonlights as an umpire at amateur baseball games. Im Tae San is dating a cold-hearted woman but wonders if there is someone else out there for him. Choi Yoon tries to heal his heart after losing his wife four years ago. Lee Jung Rok marries an older woman for money but may lose his comfortable lifestyle in a divorce.
Rate: 9/10
At the beginning even before watching this drama and just reading the summary of it, this drama didn’t get my attention until later, when my close wonderful friend suggest this drama for me to watch since at the time there wasn’t any good drama that I wanted to watch.
I didn’t fell in love with it at first but I like to give chances to dramas. I was willing to watch until the 4th episode before giving up on it, but I didn’t. I actually finish the whole entire episode and dramas.
The characters in the movie give off the F4 but older version of it which made it fun to watch. I quite fun to watch the mini flashback at the beginning of each episode. It could become very confusing at first but once you get to know all the characters in the drama it becomes fun and amazing too.
I happen to not like the actors and actress at first but thinking back to the storyline I was fine with it. The amazing part was that CNBlue Lee Jong Hyun was in this drama as his debuting drama. He appeared to be quite handsome in his drama.
I also become in love with OST of this drama and the fact that this drama featured a lot of idols or guests. From SNSD Sooyoung to Juniel to CNBlue Yonghwa, the entire episode is just so much fun. Of course other then the fact that there is some fighting (sort of) and arguing and heartbreaking scenes but this drama does deserve a chance to be watch. 

[Challenge] SHINee Day 10

10. Why you love each and everyone of them :D

I love them all because they are SHINee and shiny too. HEHE^^
and all very handsome too:)

Friday, March 29, 2013

[Review] Reply 1997

It tells the story of 6 former high school friends from a school in Busan who meet again in 2012 and brings back memories to 1997 when they were still high school students. Moving back and forth between the ’90s and today, the story centers on the life of Sung Shi Won (Jung Eun Ji), who idolizes boyband H.O.T., and her 5 high school friends.

Rate: 10/10

Reply 1997 bring back a lot of great old days of HOT! I mean I was only like 2 at that time, but just seeing the movie bring lots of memory of HOT back to modern days. It’s definitely a drama to watch. Everything about this drama is wonderful. I love all the actors and actress too. This drama definitely helps Jung Eun Ji and Seo In Guk to start their career as actors and actress. Also I fell in love with Hoya after watching this drama too.

Having Eun Ji use her Busan accent just help the drama got even more comfortable and better. Each episode just keeps on getting better and since the OST came out, it have been a big hit on this drama too. I mean I would love to travel back to that year and experience the fun she did. I just love the fact that her role was such a dedicate HOT fan member which emerge to modern day fan throughout the world too.

I would really love to see this producer work more because of this drama success and also the actors and actress work in the future too. I mean when this drama aired it was a very success rating I believe and bring out the past with idols like HOT. I also love the fact that it went all the way until DBSK debut later in the episode more toward the end. 

Tell me if you have watch this already and what you think about it? 

[Challenge] SHINee Day 9

9. The song that you can’t stop replaying & why

I song that I can’t stop replaying is REPLAY. I just love it. 

[Challenge] SHINee Day 8

8. Last song you heard

The last song I heard by SHINee is DREAM GIRL~

[Challenge] SHINee Day 7

7. Why you love your bias

I love my bias because I think he really cute and adorable and handsome but very outgoing and competitive. 

Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Challenge] SHINee Day 3

Day 3 The one that ruin your bias list:]

I really have to say that JONGHYUN ruin my bias list.

[Challenge] SHINee Day 2

Day 2 Your Bias

My bias is Minho but I also really love Onew too.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Challenge] SHINee Day 1

Day 1 First song you heard from them.

The very first song I have ever heard from them was Replay, there debut song featuring F(X) Victoria in the music video.

10 Day SHINee Challenge

10 Days SHINee Challenge
1. First song you heard from them.
2. Your bias
3. The one that ruins your bias list ;]
4. Favorite song?
5. Favorite music video
6. Favorite era
7. Why you love your bias
8. Last song you heard
9. The song that you can’t stop replaying & why
10. Why you love each and everyone of them :D

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[Challenge] Wonder Girls Day 29

Day 29 - Why you love the Wonder Girls


Well lets start off with saying that they are all amazing:) Even after so many changes with members leaving and adding members they are all still connect to one another and support each other. I love the fact they are awkward on variety tv shows and also the fact that they debuted in the US! They are in the JYP family too, but not only that, they are great singers and dancers along with actress and everything they did.

That the end of this challenge. Again I am super sorry about missing out in the month of MARCH but I promise I will be back. Talking about that, I don't even have time to write my stories either too. Okay, I better find time to do it too. BYE BYE:)


[Challenge] Wonder Girls Day 28

Day 28 - The cutest Wonder Girl music video/dance/performance in your opinion

I actually don't know so I just put in this moment when they were promoting Nobody on the Wendy's show.

[Challenge] Wonder Girls Day 27

Day 27 - Your favorite cover/dance cover of a song that a Wonder Girl did

This is cover of SNSD Kissing You.


Sorry, I haven't been posting it finally getting closer the amazing great big day and at school it been like crazy getting ready for AP testing and finals not close at all but getting homework in and doing projects and classwork so I been pretty busy including extra activities too. But I know March is passing by and again I fail at my resolution already. HEHE^^ 

xoxo, DORKiiE