Wednesday, January 30, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 30

Day 30 Your top 10 male and female maknaes

My top 10 male maknaes are...

SHINee Taemin
DBSK Changmin
2AM Jinwoon
Super Junior Kyuhyun
Boyfriend Minwoo
Infinite Sungjong
2PM Chansung
BEast Dongwoon

My top 10 female maknaes are...

SNSD Seohyun
A Pink Hayoung
Wonder Girls Hyelim
Kara Jiyoung
Miss A Suzy
2NE1 Minzy
F(x) Krystal
4Minute Sohyun
Secret Sunhwa

Monday, January 28, 2013

[Drama Review] School 2013


Seungri High School ranks as one of the worst of the 178 high schools in Seoul based on academic scores. Seungri High School is now busy preparing presentations for its new students. Class 2 is at the bottom of grade 2 at Seungri High. Nam-Soon (Lee Jong-Suk) is elected class president for grade 2, thanks to the support of Jung-Ho (Kwak Jung-Wook), who is a member of the school gang.
Se-Chan (Daniel Choi) is the top Korean language teacher at a famous institute in Gangnam. In order to improve the student's scores at Seungri High School, the school hires Se-Chan. When Se-Chan appears at the school's opening presentation, Nam-Soon becomes embarrassed.

This drama is super interesting. It caught my eyes when I first watch the very first episode because I mean each episode lead to the next and they always leave the cliff hangers so it makes everything so interesting. I mean each week I always want a see the next episode, and I wish they would of just put it on every single day. 
I love all the characters in the story from the teachers to the students. I happen to not like the parents at all. They get in the way to much and of course I hated the principal so much. Every single time, she get in the scene I mean I was like, come on kick her out of the school or something. I was so in love with all the students. I think they all have amazing acting skills too. 
I really think they should of created love lines in the students and also the teachers too because I mean as the watcher/viewer I notice that there is a sparked for the love line already. I really wish there was love line the drama. 
The ending was a very weird ending for me because I really did think that they should of make more episode to the drama because the ending didn't seem to fit well. It seem like they rush to the ending. I could definitively created a totally new ending along with a season 2 to the drama itself. 
Also there is problem after problem and things get solve but it seem to never be a happy place. I love majority of the students but there was some (2 girls) in the class that I just seem to didn't like much. I mean the attitude and things, the acting was amazing though. I get it, it is acting. Of course but they have to much attitude and some times I want to pop into the screen and scream at them. 
I am really hoping that this year, all the actors/actress in the drama would do amazing. I will be watching them in the future. 
I really wish this drama didn't end at all. This could continued on forever. 

If you wish to read the recaps to the drama, I found a really good blog user that does amazing recaps to different dramas too. 

I finish this drama on January 28, 2013. 

Rate: 97/100

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 29

Day 29 Your top top male and female leaders

My top 10 male leaders are...

Super Junior Leeteuk
SHINee Onew
Big Bang G-Dragon
2AM Jo Kwon
EXO-K Suho
Boyfriend Donghyun
MBLAQ Seungho
EXO-M Kris
DBSK Yunho
CNBlue Yonghwa

My top 10 female leaders are...

SNSD Taeyeon
Wonder Girls Sunye
A Pink Chorong
4Minute Jihyun
Secret Hyosung
F(x) Victoria
Davichi Lee Haeri
After School Jungah 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 28

Day 28 Your top 5 male dancers and your top 5 female visuals

My top 5 male dancers are...

Super Junior Eunhyuk
Big Bang Taeyang
2PM Wooyoung
Infinite Hoya

&& A little special bonus

2AM Jo Kwon

My top 5 female group visuals are...

SNSD Yoona
F(x) Sulli
After School Nana
4Minute Hyuna

Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 27

Day 27 Your top 5 boy group and your top 5 female dancers

My top 5 boy band group is....

Super Junior

My top 5 female dancers is...

SNSD Hyoyeon
F(x) Victoria
4Minute Hyuna
After School Kahi (Graduate)
2NE1 Minzy

Friday, January 25, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 26

Day 26 Your top 5 solo male artists and your top 5 girl group

My top 5 solo male artists is...

Lee Seung Gi
Seo In Guk

My top 5 girl group is...

Wonder Girls
After School

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 25

Day 25 Your top 5 male vocalists and your top 5 solo female artists

My top 5 male vocalists is...

2AM Jo Kwon
Super Junior Kyuhyun
Beast Fiction
2PM Jun.K
Boyfriend Jeongmin

My top 5 solo female artists is...


[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 24

Day 24 Your bias in SS501 and your top 5 female vocalists

I happen to have no bias in this group, because I hardly got to know them when they were still a group. 
They are all amazing as solo artists too.

My top 5 female vocalists is...

SNSD Taeyeon
Davichi Lee Haeri
Wonder Girls Sunye
Secret Jieun
APink Eunji

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 23

Day 23 Your bias in BAP and your top 5 female sub group/units

My bias from BAP would be Youngjae:)

My top 5 female sub unit/group would be....

After School Blue/Red
Orange Caramel
Super Junior M

Monday, January 21, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 22

Day 22 Your bias in SPEED and your top 5 dance from girl group

I don't have a bias in the group yet, because the group haven't been promoting much since co-ed became two sub units and plus all the members changing back and forth. But I love SPEED though.

My top 5 dance from girl group would be......

SNSD - I Got A Boy

Wonder Girls - Like This

After School - Flashback

F(x) - Danger

Kara - Step

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 21

Day 21 You bias in JJ Project and your top 5 female group song

I can't choose between them at all. I love both of them. 
Jr. & JB.

Okay, now my top 5 female group song is.......

SNSD - Gee

SISTAR - Alone

Wonder Girls - Tell Me

A Pink - I Don't Know

Secret - Shy Boy

Saturday, January 19, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 20

Day 20 Your Bias in B1A4 and 5Dolls

My bias in B1A4 is Jinyoung and Baro.

My bias in 5Dolls have to be Hyoyoung. I love her in School 2013. 

Friday, January 18, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 19

Day 19 Your Bias in NU'EST and Davichi

My bias in NU'EST is Baekho.

It so hard to pick from a duo group. I love both of them. Lee Haeri and Kang Min Kyung.

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 18

Day 18 Your Bias in BTOB and SPICA

My bias in BTOB is Minhyuk and Peniel.

My bias in SPICA have to Jiwon. She so pretty, but I got to know her through FIVE GIRLS, a never debuted group made up of solo singer G.NA, Secret Hyosung, After School Uee, and Wonder Girls' Yoobin. She was also a former member of idol group T-ara before they debuted too.  

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 17

Day 17 Your Bias in Shinhwa and EXID

My bias in Shinhwa would be between Andy, Eric, Junjin, and Dongwan. Even though they are getting older they all are still handsome and cute too.

My bias in EXID is Hani and Junghwa. They are both adorable.

Also another bias in EXID is their ex-leader Yuji. Gosh, I love her voice so much. I miss it.
But I also miss the other ex members too. Dami and Haeryung.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 16

Day 16 Your bias in MBLAQ and Brown Eyed Girls [BEG]

My bias in MBLAQ is Seungho and Thunder. I just think Thunder is amazing cute and handsome, while on the other hand I got to like Seungho through the TV variety show "Hello Baby". 

My bias in Brown Eyed Girls is Narsha, because she is just so funny. I love her in Invincible Youth Season 1 and also in Heroes. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 15

Day 15 Your Bias in Boyfriend and Hello Venus

My bias in Boyfriend is the leader Donghyun and the older twin Youngmin. 
I love both the twin though. 

My bias in Hello Venus would have to be there leader Yoo Ara. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

[Review] SNSD - I Got A Boy MV

SNSD – I Got A Boy MV Review

The beginning of the “I Got A Boy” MV is the same scene opening “Dancing Queen”. There is a male lead but you can’t really tell who he is at all, because you could only see the profile and back of him only. The song starts off with a rap(ish)/singing(ish) lyrics between two girls: Sooyoung and Yuri. I happen to like the “Ayo GG!” part. It is just so catchy to sing that part. I always happen to sing that part every time I hear the song. There were about 4 different sets for the girls and I love all the sets. I happen to love all the solo scenes with the girl and the male lead. But my favorite solo scene was Hyoyeon who meet up with the male lead and punch him. Good Job Hyoyeon. There the part where Taeyeon sing “Ahh My Prince” I love that part. It so addicting, I have to sing it. Also Jessica looks so pretty when she sings “Let’s Bring Back To 140” I don’t know what that means at all.

OMG, they all were wearing a wig all the same. I couldn’t even tell them apart in the picture. It wasn’t so much noticeable in the music video because there were only a few scenes that show it. Okay, talking about hair now. It just seem that they just pour paint into their hair. It was so amazing and beautiful I have to say, I really love Hyoyeon rainbow color hair. Majority of them have color hair like Taeyeon and Sunny. I notice that she dye it different colors for the live stages too.

The style of the song is very different from all the other past song that SNSD have sung before. It seem like there was 3 to 4 different song just put together. It was quite confusing at first when I first listen and saw the music video but after listening to it a couple times I really like it and the change of the song. I notice that the main and lead vocalist have a lot of the singing part here. The others seem to be have a little singing part or a rapping part. I would of like it, if they parted differently but, it still seem nice to listen too.

Their style for this was different. They didn’t wear the same outfit at all. Which look nice and different from the past. Each style was different and it matched the character of each of them. I have to say I love them wearing the hats and dancing with the hats. I happen to really like all the live stage outfits so far. The dance was strong and difficult too. At first, I was like no way. I was dance to their song, but I don’t know if I will be able to dance to this one at all. I am still learning. There is so many highlight dance moves in this song too. The dance is probably one thing that I really love too.  

[Review] Infinite H – Special Girl MV

Infinite H – Special Girl MV Review

Okay, I am obsessed and addicted to this song now and HOYA too. Okay, I like the beginning beat. It catchy and that what caught my mind. It started off with Hoya saving the girl from the bad guys which happening to be like an acting scene and then the rapping start the song.  OH Hoya looks very handsome. It basically how both of them creates a love relationship and feelings with the female lead.

I love the sets of the MV. My favorite would be near the end when the scene was changing seasons back and forth. The music video itself is cute and adorable. The dance to the song is so adorable too. I like the dance. There nothing bad about the MV at all. I love the voice of both of them. The rapping part was great too. Nothing bad:)

[Review] Boyfriend - I Yah MV

Boyfriend – I Yah MV Review

I have to say that Boyfriend complete change from their debut days. I happen to be addict to this song. I am a fan since their debut days but this song is my favorite one now. The MV started off with all of them meeting and chatting with each other. The next scene is the dancing scene of the beginning of the song.

I really don’t have much to say about this MV at all. It was a lot of solo shoots with them and the female lead.  Each of them played a different scene and character. It seem like they all have feelings for the female lead at the same, that it. I have nothing to complained about this MV at all.

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 14

Day 14 Your bias in Infinite and The Grace

My bias in Infinite is L, Sunggyu, and Hoya.
I actually started liking L in "Shut Up Flower Boy Band" and I also started liking Hoya in "Reply 1997". I discovered Sunggyu after they went to Weekly Idol variety show. They are all cute.

My bias in The Grace would be Dana and Sunday. 

Saturday, January 12, 2013

[Review] SNSD - Dancing Queen MV

SNSD - Dancing Queen MV Review

Dancing Queen was release before there actually comeback date on January 1st. Dancing Queen is a remake of a song called Mercy by Duffy. When I first heard about it, I was surprise that it was actually record back in 2008 but never released before. I mean I saw pictures of the set, for example I saw that picture (up) before back when Gee was released but didn't know anything at all. 

Okay, the beginning open up with Yoona opening up a present which is actually a time machine that they travel back to the year of 2008 when they record this music video. All the girls gather around Yoona that then they went back to the past. The opening is very bright and cute. It majority PINK. 

The beginning of the song started out with some beats and it really catchy. As the music started you could tell is some what a cute song too. The dance is so adorable and cute. When I watch this music video it remind be of the Gee days because of the clothes. The skinny color jeans and the basic blue jean and white tee with white background. It was similar to the Gee days, I have to say. 

The girls look younger then they do now, in 2013. I miss all their hair style and I really miss Sunny hair too. Everything was very similar to Gee, because this was suppose to be release as a single before Gee.

At the end, it end it off back to the beginning/opening scene and then it give a teaser of their album song "I Got A Boy". 

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 13

Day 13 Your Bias in EXO-M and 2NE1

My bias in EXO-M is Kris and Luhan. 

My bias in 2NE1 is Park Bom:) I just love her voice. She so cute too.

Friday, January 11, 2013

[Challenge] 30 Day KPOP Bias Day 12

Day 12 Bias in EXO-K & After School

My bias in EXO-K is there leader Suho. He is adorable and cute:)

My bias in After School is Lizzy and Raina. They are both cute and gorgeous.

I happen to love Bekah too. Gosh I miss her.