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40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 40

Day 40 Your Top 10 Leaders & Maknaes

Yeah! I am finally done with this challenge:) I have to say this challenge was long. I notice some days are mix together on one post. I know. I hope you don't mind that all. But I have to say this was an okay challenge:) I hope you try it out. Okay so the last post for this challenge:) 

Okay so again if you haven't know that I post up my top number of leaders and maknaes on this blog already so I am just going to link it down here.

The top 10 leader post is kind of old and it back in March. It going to look different from then the other post. I will be updating those in a couple months or not exacting going to, if nothing changes. 

Top 10 Boys Maknaes ---> click here(:
Top 10 Girls Maknaes ---> click here<3
Top 10 Leaders (Boy&Girl) ---> click here:)

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40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 39

Day 39 Your Top 10 Debut Songs

Guess what we are almost finish with this challenge:) Yeah:) I hope you enjoy it:) Well for this post I already did a similar post to this topic on one of my LTA KPOP (Let Talk About KPOP) Episode. So please please click here(: and go to that page to read it. On that page I actually put 15 not 10 so some more for you then:) Thanks<3

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40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 38

Day 38 Favorite Boyfriend Song


Love Style

I’ll Be There

Don’t Touch My Girl

Pink Romance (ft. K.Will & SISTAR)

Only You

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 36

Day 36 Favorite Lee Seung Gi Song

Because You’re My Girl

Words That Are Hard To Say



Let’s Break Up

Wedding Veil

We Were In Love


Because We Are Friends

Will You Marry Me?

Losing My Mind

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 34 & 35

Day 34 Favorite Secret Song

I Want You Back



Love Is Move

Starlight Moonlight

3 Years and 6 Months

Shy Boy


Day 35 Favorite EXO Song



Sorry I have been a two day off because of school and homework. 

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40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 33

Day 33 Favorite Teen Top Song

To You

No More Perfume On You

Beautiful Girl

Going Crazy

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Invincible Youth

Invincible Youth is a South Korean variety show which aired its first season on KBS2 from October 23, 2009 to December 24, 2010. Season 1 featured seven girls (collectively known as G7) from K-pop idol groups wherein they experience how it is to live and survive in the rural Korea outdoors. It has started its second season on November 12, 2011 featuring eight girls but as it of right now they are currently only having five girls. 

Season 1

The first season of the show involved Korean entertainers meeting weekly to work and learn about farming in a Yuchi-ri village in Hongcheon-gun,Gangwon-do in South Korea. This involved both agricultural work, interacting with members of an aging rural community, and competing in challenges involving agrarian or domestic tasks. As the show's popularity grew, the cast and crew began work to make their filming location a sustainable site for agritourism, enter produce in food competition, and promote environmentally conscious farming. Some of the products were sold within the local community, to the general public, or distributed as gifts.
The G7 girls initially included Brown Eyed Girls Narsha, Secret Sunhwa, 4Minute Hyuna, Tara Hyomin, Girls' Generation Sunny and Yuri, and Kara Hara.
The MC were Nam Huiseok, Noh Juhyeon, Kim Tae Woo, Kim Shinyoung, and Song Eun Yi
On Friday, May 14, 2010, the PD of the show Kim Ho Sang announced that Girls' Generation SunnyYuri, and 4Minute Hyuna would be leaving the show due to scheduling conflicts with their respective groups' overseas promotions. Their replacements were decided through private auditions with members of other K-pop girl groups. On May 30, it was confirmed that After School Jooyeon, f(x) Victoria and Kim Sori will become the three new members of G7 on Invincible Youth. Kim Jong Min (of Koyote) also became a semi permanent member for a month under the moniker of being a "Variety show mentor" for the new members.
On the August 27th Episode, it was announced that Kim Tae Woo will be taking a temporary leave of absence due to a surgery he is to receive for his throat. He vowed to come back to the show as soon as he makes a full recovery. Starting episode 44, Song Eun Yi filled in as a semi-permanent MC in Kim Tae Woo's absence. On the 8th of December 2010, it was revealed that Invincible Youth has wrapped up recording of their finale episode. They have filmed over one year, starting in October 2009.
Kim Sang Ho PD revealed to Star News on December 10, “We’re not discontinuing the show because of low viewer ratings. There’s been a lot of conflicting schedules due to girl groups like KARA expanding their activities overseas. It was difficult to take out some of the fixed members, so we decided to end season one for now. There’s a lot of trust being placed on the worth of the ‘Invincible Youth’ brand. After discussions with other producers, everyone agreed to end season one and go ahead with season two next year.”
Season 1 Slogan: 청춘은 지지 않는다~ 청춘~ 불패 (Youth Don't Lose! Invincible Youth!)

Season 2
Chairman Producer (CP) Kim Ho Sang, who is planning the second season of "Invincible Youth" told Star News on August 31 that the show will take place in a fishing village in Daebu Island, Ansan, Gyeonggi province.
G8 members will include Girls' Generation Sunny and Hyoyeon, F(x) Amber, Miss A Suzy, SISTAR Bora, Jewelry Yewon, Rainbow Woori, Kara JiyoungLee Su GeunJi Hyun Woo and Boom will serve as MC's. Sunny is the only returning member from Season 1, although Hyoyeon, Jiyoung and Bora were guests during the previous season.
The first episode of ‘Invincible Youth 2′ premiered on November 12th, 2011 in South Korea, while International Premiere on KBS World was on December 2nd, 2011.
Prior to the airing of the April 7th episode, multiple newsreports were released confirming that castmembers Lee Su GeunJi Hyun Woo, F(x) Amber and Rainbow Woori will be leaving the show.
After the two MC's left, Kim Shinyoung from season 1 join.
It was then later revealed that Girls' Generation Sunny would be also leaving the show. As she was the only member from season 1, they agreed that she would stay on with season 2 until the program became somewhat stable. She will leaving the show after the July 7th episode.
After Sunny left the show, Lee Young Ja join to be a MC's too.
Season 2 Slogan: 청춘이여 영원하라! 청춘~ 불패 (Youth is Forever! Invincible Youth!)

List of Guest that appear: 
Season 1
Episode 6 - SHINee Minho
Episode 10 - Ko Se Won, Park Hwi Sun, GOD Son Ho Young, SHINee Onew, 2AM Seulong, Heo Kyung Hwan - Christmas Special
Episode 18 - Super Junior Heechul, Beast, Yun Jung Hoon, Lee Gye In, Kara Nicole, SNSD Hyoyeon - House Opening
Episode 19  - Roh Yoo Min and Super Junior Shindong - Replaced Kim Tae Woo who held a concert
Episode 20 - Lee Gye In - Featured the cast from the documentary Old Partner
Episode 22 - SNSD Sooyoung - Replaced SNSD Yuri who couldn't participate due to the swine influenza
Episode 23 - SNSD Sooyoung, Koo Jung Yup, Ock Juhyun
Episode 24 - Koo Jun Yup
Episode 26 - Tara Eunjung and Koyote Kim Jong Min - Eunjung replaced Hara who did not appear due to Kara's sponsorship promotions in Thailand
Episode 27 - MBLAQ Lee Joon and Jeong Junha
Episode 29 - Cast of Gag Concert 
Episode 30 - Cast of Gag Concert
Episode 36 - Secret and Koyote Shin Ji - Surprise guests for G7 Special Army Concert
Episode 37 - SNSD Sunny - Special invitation for G7's trip to Japan
Episode 38 - SNSD Sunny - Special invitation for G7's trip to Japan
Episode 39 - Chung Myung Hoon and Ko Ju Won 
Episode 40 - MBLAQ
Episode 41 - MBLAQ, Tara Jiyeon, SG Wannabe Lee Seok Hoon, Park Hyun Bin - Summer Vacation Special
Episode 42 - SNSD Yuri - Special invitation for G7's Farm Products Exhibition
Episode 43 - 2PM, After School Lizzy, Brown Eyed Girls Jea - Replacing Hara and Victoria who were absent dute to their respective group's promotions
Episode 44 - The Boss Karam, and Kim Young Chul
Episode 48 - Park Gwang Hyun
Episode 51 - SNSD Sunny, 4Minute HYuna, Ko Ju Won, Lee Gye In, Chung Myung Hoon, Kim Tae Woo - 1 Year Anniversary Special Part 1
Episode 52 - F(x) Luna, Sulli, Krystal, Secret Song Ji Eun, Kara Jiyoung - 1 Year Anniversary Special Part 2
Episode 53 - SISTAR Bora
Episode 54 - SISTAR Bora - Replacing Hara and Narsha who were absent due to their respective groups promotions
Episode 55 - SHINee Taemin - Replacing Victoria

Season 2 

Episode 9 - Im Ha Ryong

Episode 12 - Song Dae Gwan and Tae Jin Ah
Episode 17 - 2AM
Episode 19 - Choi Hong Man - Kim Shinyoung debut and missing Jiyoung but appear later in the show
Episode 20 - Shinhwa 
Episode 21 - CNBlue Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jung Shin - Missing Jiyoung
Episode 22 - CNBLue Jung Yonghwa and Lee Jung Shin, SNSD Taeyeon, Brown Eyed Girls Narsha - Replacing Bora and Suzy
Episode 23 - Gong Hyung Jin - Missing Jiyoung
Episode 24 - Super Junior Sung Min 
Episode 25 - Park Sang Myun, 4Minute Hyuna and Sohyun - Missing Jiyoung 
Episode 26 - Shinhwa Andy, Infinite L, Lee Hyun Woo, Baek Sung Hyun, Kang Kyun Sung, Park Hwi Sun - Missing Sunny, Hyoyeon, Bora, Jiyoung
Episode 27 - Joo Dang Wook, Lin Kyo Jin, Tara Hyomin, Secret Sunhwa - Missing Sunny and Hyoyeon but they appear later in the show
Episode 28 - Jo Min Ki and Son Byung Ho
Episode 29 - Kang Dong Ho, Kang Ji Sub, Kara Hara - Replacing Bora who did not appear dute to SISTAR's music video shooting in Hawaii and Dano Special 
Episode 30 - Baek Ji Young
Episode 31 - 2AM Jo Kwon, MBLAQ Lee Joon, ZE:A Hwang Kwanghee - Sunny Farewell
Episode 32 - NONE - Lee Young Jae Debut as a MC
Episode 33 - 2PM Wooyoung

LTA KPOP EP 19 Top 3 Variety Show I Wish To Be Show Again

LTA KPOP EP 18 Top 3 Variety Show I Wish To Be Show Again

I couldn't think of anything for this episode so, I decide to do this. There not so many show that have been discontinued, that I wish weren't at all.

3. Oh! My School
Okay so here are some of my favorite scenes from Oh! My School:) This show is also known as 100 Points Out Of 100.

SNSD Yuri and Miss A Min dance to SNSD "Hoot"

SHINee Onew teach the cast members how to dance to SHINee "Ring Ding Dong"

MBLAQ Lee Joon dance to SNSD "Tell Me Your Wish/Genie" as a punishment

2PM Taecyeon dance to Rainbow "A" and Miss A "Breathe"

2AM Jinwoon and Miss A Min dance to Miss A "Good Girl Bad Girl"

Beast Yoseob & Kikwang, Brain Joo, MBLAQ Lee Joon and Secret Hyosung sing to Super Junior "Sorry Sorry"

Beast Kikwang and Secret Hyosung Love Story!

2. X-Man

Okay, this is an older variety show, but also fun to watch:)

HAHA and Kim Jong Kook dancing to Turbo "Black Cat"

Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye Scandal

Kim Jong Kook and Yoon Eun Hye playing the game "Of Course"

1. Family Outing (Season 1 and 2)

Family Outing have two seasons:) Also there are also guests that come and goes on each episode, also some of the fit original member came later on or also left before the show ended.

First Season: Yoo Jae Suk, Lee Hyori, Big Bang Kang Daesung, Lee Chun Hee, Park Ye Jin, Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Soo Ro, Kim Jong Kook, Park Hae Jin, Park Shi Yeon 

Cast Members dance to Tara "Bo Peep Bo Peep" and 2PM "Heartbeat"

Cast Members play the "I Love You" Game

JYP and Lee Hyori dance to JYP "Honey"

Lee Hyori vs. Park Ye Jin

Song Ji Hyo vs. Lee Hyori

SNSD Taeyeon as a guest and also dancing to Lee Hyori "U-Go-Girl"

Second Season: Kim Won Hee, Yoon Sang Hyun, Ji Sang Ryul, Shin Bong Sun, 2PM Ok Taecyeon, SNSD Im Yoona, 2AM Jo Kwon, Super Junior Kim Heechul

2AM Jo Kwon and Super Junior Heechul dance to Rain "Love Song"

2PM Taecyeon and SNSD Yoona vs. Super Junior Heechul and Wonder Girls Sohee

SNSD Yoona catching a chicken

SNSD Yoona dance to Ryhum Nation and Wonder Girls "Tell Me"

SNSD Tiffany and Yoona dance to "Run Devil Run" in the morning with Super Junior Heechul and the other cast member

40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 32

Day 32 Favorite Joo Song

Ice Cream (ft. Super Junior Leeteuk)

Bad Guy

Dream High

This Christmas (ft. JYP Nation)

Because Of A Man

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40 Day KPOP Challenge Day 31

Day 31 Favorite CNBLUE Song

I’m A Loner

Love Revolution


Love Light

Don’t’ Say Goodbye

Love Girl


For First Time Lover 

Banmal Song (ft. SNSD Seohyun) YONGSEO<3

My Love

You've Fall For Me

Because I Miss You